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Emotional Wellbeing of Dentists: Do you REALLY hate Dentistry?

Dr. Frank Carter discusses impfroving mental health while being a dentist.


Emotional Wellbeing of Dentists: Understanding Your Personality

A better understanding of your personality profile, theoretically, would allow you to better understand the past, anticipate the future, and act appropriately in the present. Each topic can be considered one small aspect of your biologically and psychologically oriented profile or personality.


Fee For Service Journey: Intro

The purpose of the Fee for Service Journey Intro Course is to answer the following question: Should I (dentist/student) even attempt to begin moving away from insurance plans? The answer to this question will determine if the student moves forward into the subsequent learning units.


Fee For Service Journey: Unit 1

Successfully transitioning your practice more toward a fee-for-service business model will require many changes. Some subtle, some not so subtle. You will be surprised (shocked even) at the business system you have to change in order to make a successful FFS transition.


Fee for Service Journey: Unit 2

FFS Transitions can take time. The content in Unit 2 covers the opportunities to make foundational changes that will pay off big time, down the road.


Fee for Service Journey: Unit 3

It's time to start conserving staff time! Learn from the tech and task experts while they discuss inefficiencies, delegation, automation, and what to do with all this newfound free time.


Fee for Service Journey: Unit 4

Unit 4 is all about altering verbal communication with your patients AS YOU begin to drop insurance plans.


Fee for Service Journey: Unit 5

You will learn more than you ever thought possible about the dental consumer; the market segments, messaging, marketing channels, what to expect from each, and how to have complete control of ALL of it.


A Crash Course on The Most Pressing Dental Issues

In this course, Sandy discusses the most pressing issues found in dental practices today.


Fee for Service Journey: Unit 6

Dr. Andrew Roman discusses where he finds great staff, how he interviews them, onboards them, and keeps them.

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