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Dental Marketing Mastery with Howie Horrocks & Mark Dilatush

#156: Prepping for the Upcoming Recession

Learn how to evolve your marketing with different targeting and messaging during recession years, to keep your dental practice growing even though the dental market as a whole is shrinking. Learn how to NOT participate in the next recession.

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Why NPI Education?

Dental business education has become ridiculously, and dangerously, non-inclusive and predatory. We want to provide dental business education, from the best dentistry has to offer, in a safe and cooperative environment.

Using Tech to Support a Fee for Service Transition

Many dentists are considering full or partial transitions toward a more fee-for-service business model.

Marketing Attribution & Quality Assurance

Dental practices have a very difficult time capturing the REAL sources of their new patients. You can ask patients, that’s fine. But other than referrals from existing patients, the accuracy of their answers is poor. This leads the practice to make important and expensive marketing decisions based on bad data.

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