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Meet The Instructors

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Popular Courses

Below you will find the most popular courses that meet today's dental business challenges. Learn and improve your skills across practice management, tech, mental health, and more.


Emotional Wellbeing of Dentists: Understanding Your Personality

A better understanding of your personality profile, theoretically, would allow you to better understand the past, anticipate the future, and act appropriately in the present. Each topic can be considered one small aspect of your biologically and psychologically oriented profile or personality.


Fee For Service Journey: Intro

The purpose of the Fee for Service Journey Intro Course is to answer the following question: Should I (dentist/student) even attempt to begin moving away from insurance plans? The answer to this question will determine if the student moves forward into the subsequent learning units.


A Crash Course on The Most Pressing Dental Issues

In this course, Sandy discusses the most pressing issues found in dental practices today.


Fee for Service Journey: Unit 6

Dr. Andrew Roman discusses where he finds great staff, how he interviews them, onboards them, and keeps them.

Dreaming About Participating with Fewer Insurance Plans?

The objective of this program is to help the dentist and team navigate and implement what it takes to successfully complete a fee for service business model transition. This could mean one plan or ten plans, depending upon the practice.

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