Meet our Instructor

Katrina Seifert

RDH and Dental Consultant


Meet Our Instructor 

Katrina Seifert

RDH and Dental Consultant

About Katrina

Katrina Seifert, RDH, has spent more than half her life in the dental field. Starting at 19, working as a sterilization tech, she fell in love with dentistry. She has worked as a dental assistant, administration member, and office manager, later finalizing her dental hygienist training over 17 years ago.


In the last several years, Katrina has started working as a consultant and specialist in dental marketing and human resources. She loves helping to create a culture that promotes a supportive and collaborative environment where teamwork, open communication, and patient-centered care are prioritized. Katrina is passionate about helping people and prides herself on being a lifelong learner.


In her spare time, she is a mother to two children and an elected official in the town she resides.



Keeping Your Patients on the Wellness Wheel

In this course, we'll explore proven strategies to maintain a strong and lasting connection with your dental patients. From nurturing relationships through personalized communication to implementing preventive care initiatives that keep patients engaged in their oral health journey, we'll provide you with the tools and insights to ensure your patients stay committed to their wellness goals.

PDF Guides Coming Soon

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