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Unlimited New Patients, Volume 3

This is the latest in our Unlimited New Patients Series, and we think it’s the best.

We’ve packed this book with virtually everything we’ve learned over more than three decades about attracting high-quality new patients into dental practices.

Unlimited New Patients, Volume 3 (Update)

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Pre-appointing ALL Hygiene - Just Say NO!

You don’t have a bottleneck, you say? With all due respect, there is greater than a 95% chance you have a bottleneck and don’t realize it. Or you are on your way to creating one. 

7 Steps to Attracting More Sleep Apnea Patients

Sleep disorders are on the rise. But what does a dentist have to offer in this arena? As it turns out – quite a lot. 

7 Steps to Attracting More Implant Patients

Dental implants are and have been sweeping the globe as the more permanent solution to tooth loss. The US being the most edentulous industrialized country on the planet, you can imagine the growth of the national dental implant market through the years.



5 Steps to Make Google Ad Campaigns Consistently Effective for a Dental Practice

Google Ad campaigns are no different than any other advertising channel. Done correctly, they produce new patients for dental practices. They can be consistently effective when managed consistently and properly


Dental Consumer Research: Unraveling the Mysteries

Market knowledge is power. It is the foundation of any successful marketing. You need to understand how your audience thinks, what they respond to, what repels them, and what motivates them to pick up the phone and make an appointment.


6 Steps to Dental Marketing Quality, Consistency, and Longevity

If you’re like most of the dentists who come to us for marketing insights, you think we’re kidding when we recommend a direct mail campaign along with a solid digital campaign.

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