Meet our Instructor

Sallah Khan

Director – Senior Advisor – NPI.


Meet Our Instructor 

Sallah Khan

Director – Senior Advisor – NPI

About Sallah

Director of Growth at New Patients Inc. In my free time, as a volunteer, Vice- President at Capital K-9 Association- helping to protect Police K-9's across the nation.



Dental Marketing Deception

In this course, we'll delve deep into the world of dental marketing, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to navigate the industry's intricacies. From deciphering misleading advertising tactics to crafting authentic and effective marketing strategies for your dental practice, we'll empower you to make informed decisions that benefit both your patients and your business.


Fee for Service Journey: Unit 5

You will learn more than you ever thought possible about the dental consumer; the market segments, messaging, marketing channels, what to expect from each, and how to have complete control of ALL of it.

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